This is draining your energy

Michelle Nicole Martin

Leadership & Performance Coach for Small Business Owners

Hello! I love meeting you here, let’s dive into something that’s been on my mind lately.

As business owners, we’re all guilty of taking on tasks that drain our energy.

You know the ones I’m talking about—the ones that leave you feeling more frustrated than fulfilled.

For me, it’s putting my ideas onto a branded PDF! Ugh… even just writing about it drains some of my energy!

But here’s the kicker: we keep doing these things, not because they bring us joy or move the needle in our businesses, but because they’re easy, it’s faster just to do it ourselves and because we feel like we have to.

But let me ask you this: Is it really worth it?

Ooooohhh, did that question feel like a small splash of cold water?

We never think about it, do we?

Is it worth doing the things that don’t boost your energy?

Meaning, what else could you be doing instead of, cleaning, invoicing, making PDFs, planning all your social media, dealing with customer problems and so on?

But we don’t consider the tradeoff, we just do it.

We have put in so many reps that the “just get it done” muscle is so strong you don’t even notice it’s working.

That muscle gets stronger while the fulfillment, passion and creativity muscle weakens.

Chances are, you’ve been doing it for so long that you’re not even aware of how much it’s affecting you.

That’s why I’ve created something special just for you—a self-assessment to uncover what’s really zapping your energy.

It’s time to identify the energy drainers, whether they’re the tasks you dread, the people who bring you down, or the problems in your business that keep you up at night.

And here’s the best part: You are the Boss! Once you identify them, you can change them, delegate them or delete them!

So, are you ready to reclaim your energy and start leading your business as if you’re a priority?

Send me an e-mail at to grab your self-assessment with a word that brings you joy, like Coffee, Customer Wins or Puppies …. or is that just me? :)

PS: I am also proud to confirm that I did not make the PDF; some magical angel converted my thoughts into a PDF for us to enjoy!


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